terça-feira, 15 de junho de 2010

First days in Ucraine - People

Hi friends!

After a 2-day journey between Brasília and Lviv, I arrived safe in Ucraine!

In the first day the guys from the Reception Team in AIESEC Lviv came to take me in the airport, took me to a hostel they had already booked and after that took me to a very nice bar to eat typical dishes and eat typical drink from Ucraine!

Next day I met an Ucranian very nice guy in the hostel and met also my OCP from Step-by-Step project Daryna, which took us for a walk and helped buying Cell-phone card, contact lenses and food! =)

Later, people from reception team arrived in the hostel and brought things so that we could eat and drink some typical dishes and drinks from Ucraine. Also they brought 2 guys which are also interns in a camp near Lviv, and these guys spent the next day with us.

Next day we went for a walk to the highest point in Lviv, with a very beautiful view, with Olena from reception team, and also a new Intern from Indonesia arrived, Melissa.

Next day Daryna took us to eat in a very nice Ucrainian typical restaurant, sponsored by our project, and helped me and Melissa to move from the hostel to our temporary new home, a student´s dormitory. I dont give details about this new home, but I can say that we were not able to take a shower there yet because of lack of infrastructure. =/ We are currently trying to solve this issue! Let´s see what happens!

Tonight we´ll have our LC weekly meeting and meet other people from the Comitee which we didn´t have the chance to meet yet.

Ok, as you can see people from AISEC Lviv are VERY nice and gentle and have been giving us a very good support, besides also being good companions for walks around the city. =) People from Ucraine in general (not from AIESEC), are incredibly nice to foreigners, and even when they are not able to comunicate (which happens very often), they try to help and to be nice, sometimes even making jokes. =)

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  1. Obaa, muito bom o resumo!!!
    Muito obrigada por lembrar da menina aqui e comentar do tempo, agora poderei me preparar corretamente, adorei!! haha ;)
    Fico feliz em saber que a cidade é legal e o pessoal tbm, estou mto ansiosa pra chegar ai... Só não gostei da parte de não poder tomar banho, como vcs estão fazendo meu deus?! hahah Essa é a casa definitiva que vamos morar ou ainda tem outra??
    Adorei a parte de morarmos todos juntos, com certeza a bagunça vai ser grande e a diversão tbm!!
    Aproveita mto por ai e nos vemos em 2 semanas!! uhul!!