sábado, 26 de junho de 2010

Now the cool stuff! A little cultural shock!

First, when we were in our friend Tom´s house with some Ukrainian people and some Ukrainian guys asked girls in general to prepare some sandwiches and food for everybody. The brazilian girls of course took that as a joke and said they were not doing it. Fortunately, some Ukrainian girls took that seriously and started preparing some delicious sandwiches while having fun and laughing with everybody. After that everybody ate them and the girls were really glad that everybody liked them. =)

Later, we were in a cab with an Ukrainian male friend and also a female friend. When it stopped, the girl asked how much it was and this Ukrainian guy pointed to me and another guy and said we would pay a certain amount and also pointed at the girl and said she wouldn´t pay anything.

For these moments its worth all the trouble we have been passing!

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  1. hahaha
    eu tembém ando bem reacionária a feminismo desde que viajei!

    tá certo, uma coisa é uma coisa, outra coisa é outra coisa :)