sábado, 26 de junho de 2010

At last a house!

Ok, after exactly 2 weeks changing from place to place now we have a possible definitive house! I strongly hope that it will really be and have even put clothes from the luggage to a closet. =)

Now besides Cecilia from Poland, Melissa from Indonesia and two brazilian girls Isa and Pri, we will receive a new girl from Czech Republic today and maybe some more people tomorrow.

Besides that we have had a wave of people leaving their projects.

Two guys we met in the first weekend in Ucraine who were in a camp near lviv left their project after having been going through a routine of only 2 warm showers per week, drunk and cursing camp-owner and non-english-speaking comunication.

Other two brazilian girls left their project in Ivano-Frankivsk yesterday after a week of having nothing to do in the camp and absolutely no contact to globalization. =/

Also me, yesterday after receiving shouts from a person who should be helping us and seeing no progress in our housing condition, wanted to leave the project, but later after some talk, was able to spot better the problem and energy came back for staying.

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