terça-feira, 10 de agosto de 2010

Back in Lviv

After Polish trip, we have now in Lviv :

- Our intern friends, which are working daily in school with the kids and always very eager to have trips for the weekend.

- Tom the Dutch friend, which is working in Intelias and always open to any kind of suggestion. ANY! Our next one will be to go to Circus. =)

- Me, waiting for an interview in Intelias next Thursday to try a software developer place in that company, playing football and volleyball sometimes and eager to make more trips in Ukraine.

- Tom´s flat, which is very confortable. Tonight we are having dinner there. =)

We don´t have:

- My camera to take pictures, because the battery was rotten and I had to throw it away.
- Interns from previous group which were living toghether, including loads of brazilians.
- School work for me.
- Regular internet access
- The previous dirty and over-populated flat.

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  1. Já saiu o a entrevista e o resultado dela??

    Mande notícias, sumido!

    Bom passeio aí!